14 July 2022

Atlanta distinguished again by INOVADORA COTEC

Atlanta – Componentes para Calçado, Lda obtained, for the second consecutive year, the certificate Estatuto INOVADORA COTEC – a seal of reputation and prestige.

This “ambitious Statute“which is awarded annually, distinguishes companies such as Atlanta, which “demonstrate that it is possible to combine adequate financial solidity, technological investment and the conviction that innovation is essential to increase competitive potential and economic results“, explains COTEC Portugal, Association for Innovation, responsible for the award.

The COTEC INNOVADORA Statute – the result of a partnership between COTEC Portugal and the main commercial banks – is a seal of reputation and prestige that aims at the distinction and public recognition of companies that, due to the quality of their leadership, management and performance, set an example for the country.
In this, the second edition of the Statute, 830 companies applied and 649 Statutes were attributed, according to the criteria defined in the regulation.