7 August 2023

Atlanta Takes Part In Pilot Audit Of ECircular Classification.

Atlanta – Componentes para Calçado, Lda is proud to announce our participation in the pilot audits of the eCIRCULAR rating, recently launched by ADENE – Energy Agency!

The eCIRCULAR rating is a Rating System that allows the assessment of performance and improvement of management practices in circular economy of organisations

Participating in these pilot audits was a good opportunity to improve our practices and identify areas where we can further improve.
We believe that the circular economy is key to a sustainable future and we are committed to playing our role as a responsible company.

We thank ADENE for the opportunity to participate in the pilot audits and for training our colleague Sandra Neto as an eCIRCULAR Auditor. We look forward to contributing to the development of more sustainable practices in our sector.

You can find out more here.