How we make
a difference


Environmental sustainability is a commitment we have had for some years now and is evident throughout the life cycle of our products, from the preference for recycled and low environmental impact products, especially raw materials, to the effort with energy efficiency, throughout the factory, separation of waste and residues. We have selected, whenever possible, ecological and sustainable materials, such as water-based paints and glues.


We have installed a production unit for self-consumption of renewable solar energy with which we produce about 50% of our usual energy consumption. We are talking about a reduction of more than 360 tons of CO2/year, which corresponds to the capture of CO2 equivalent to 2,238 trees/year. This contributes directly to the reduction of our ecological footprint.

Reuse of Production

In Atlanta we treat waste from our soles, resulting from the milling of the various prefabrication operations, from TR, TPU, EVA and Rubber so that we can reintroduce them into the production cycle as raw material, after their laboratory proven recovery, transforming this waste into value-added products. We adopt the best manufacturing techniques, defining activities to reduce CO2 emissions, dust, volatile organic compounds and waste.


Social sustainability is a mission of great importance and one that we continually practice. We provide good working conditions to all employees, we offer Health Insurance to each employee, we have a doctor's office in the company, with a weekly doctor, we hold an annual social gathering and we give Christmas presents to our employees' children. We provide tailor-made training and support Associations of a social nature.

Research and
Development Projects

Currently we have several ongoing Research and Development Projects in the area of sustainability, including Famest and GreenShoes4All, developed jointly with the CTCP (Footwear Technology Centre) and entities of the National Scientific System as the University of Minho and FEUP (Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto), among others. These projects aim to obtain new raw materials more ecological, sustainable through recycling and use of waste.

Our most
sustainable products

Soles produced from the reuse of waste from various raw materials.
Soles produced from materials classified as biodegradable according to EN13432.
Soles produced on a biological basis, with natural fibres, cork, sugar cane, coffee grounds, rice husks and others. We have internally developed an SBR (Rubber) 84% vegetable origin.
Recycled TR
Recycled SBR with cork
Recycled TPU
SBR with recycled varieties
Biodegradable TPU
Bio-based EVA